Age of Linux- Steve. J

A new age has come, an age of freedom, an age of stable computer systems. And all will know that Linux is the best compatible operating system. There are hundreds, thousands of reasons why Linux is better than Windows or Mac, but I’ll just state a few of the reasons.

First of all, many of us care about the environment, don’t we? Mac and Windows are sold in boxes, and I believe it takes more than one piece of paper and plastic to create those boxes. However Linux is downloadable from internet, which takes mathematically, approximately 0 materials! Also by using Linux you can recycle a computer from 1995. Your computer will be much faster and convenient although it is from long ago.
Secondly, Windows is too expensive; people tend to download “free” software from internet, piracy, because it is costly to buy every utility. To give an example ‘Adobe Premier’ is around $800; ‘Nero’ is $100. All of us really need these tools, but some of us can’t use them because it’s too expensive. In Linux you get all of them in your system for free. Additionally, Linux have this cool tool in the system to tell the computer users to download certain software.

Lastly, Linux have awesome tools. In Windows everything you do, you have to reboot. Have you just upgraded one or two little things on your Windows system with "Windows update"? Please reboot. Have you just installed some new software? Please reboot. Does your system seem unstable? Try to reboot, everything will probably work better after that. All these reboots can frustrate people. Linux, however, basically doesn't need to restart. Whether you install new software or perform routine upgrades for your system. It is only necessary when a part from the heart of the system has been updated, and that only happens once every several weeks. Linux also have this cool tool called cube desktop, which I like the most, you can flip around several desktops, for example you can have one desktop chatting with friends, one desktop for listening to music, and one desktop for playing games, other desktops for something else, but it won’t affect computers no matter how much program you activate on each individual desktops.

After all this if you still want to use Windows rather than Linux, there are only four reasons why. You’re a hardcore gamer, you have proprietary software you can’t live without with, you work in the book/ printing industry, or your hardware is not yet supported. Seriously, the age of Windows or Mac is over! All of middle school students and teachers should have Linux. However if you want to use windows and Linux, or Mac and Linux why don’t you try dual operating system? (I use dual operating system) You can switch to Linux and the other system just by restarting the computer. Get Linux!

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