Windows XP: How Long Will It Last? By Sasha

For what seems like an ever-lasting blaze of glory for the heavily successful Windows XP seems to be coming to an abrupt halt. What’s more, the cause of this is by the new and rapidly growing Windows Vista, which is gaining more and more attention since its first release in 2007. Though there is still a fight left in Windows XP, it doesn’t look like it will last long. As most people know, Vista was heavily criticized for its lack of similarity to the popular and simple-to-use controls incorporated into XP. However, programs more efficient and with the same capability of XP’s programs are being ported to Vista, leading to the inevitable decimation of XP’s use. People believe that XP will last until the end of the decade. 2010? I don’t think so. So let’s see what one of the many XP consumers think.

Even with its system requirements of a Pentium II 233, 128MB RAM, 1.5GB Space plus the necessities such as the CD-ROM and sound card, Windows XP stood out among the rest in some cases, and a disappointment in other cases.

As I didn't have access to the web, I installed Windows Millennium Edition back and installed XP (using the New Installation option and my current drive) over it, hoping it has the intelligence to remove Windows Millennium Edition completely. To my horror, the Windows XP Setup created a Windows.0 folder (even though I specified C:\WINDOWS) and installed the files to it! There was some information online as I discovered later, which enabled me to install a new copy, thanks to Google.”

This was taken from the site known as ‘Book Stripe’, and the URL is www.bookstripe.com. And for the full (and unedited version) of the Windows XP review, go to www.bookstripe.com/WinXP/review.html. This is one of many reviews for XP. So in the end, XP has a chance, till maybe 2013, but it’s only my opinion.

So anyway, the problem is that the programs being ported TO Vista are being derived and edited FROM XP. It’s a big deal that XP is going to collapse. Schools have been using it for years. Actually, our school has started using Vista. But I suppose things can’t live forever! We’ll just have to see what’s going to happen. For now, at least. I give it until 2013. I could be wrong, but I just really like XP. So post your opinions! Let the comments flow…


SUNITHA said...

Dear Sasha....its amazing how u have grown into such an intelligent technical writer....from superman ....the indian superman to computers...!!!WoW ..thats really cool!May you grow into this wonderful famous writer the world will remember.Trust me beta you will go a long way.
Lots of Love and regards
Nahar aunty!

Anonymous said...

I like Windows Vista better because it has so many cool functions, like you can leave comment tabs on other peoples' Microsoft Word document. Even though I'm still getting used to it (having used XP for years), I think Vista might be better than XP. Also, because of its newer, better functions, Vista should be better than XP for schools. It also prepares students to use the technology that the rest of the world may be using as well.

steve J said...

We will just have to see about that. Windows Xp's reign will continue, if vista lasts long than Xp then it means that vista is better than Xp. Vista is has been going on for a year and xp for 7, so we will just have to wait to see which last longer