The Big Trades by Tim


On July 31st, slugger Manny Ramirez, a member of the Boston Red Sox for over 10 years, was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three way trade. Ramirez went to the Dodgers; the Dodgers gave the Pirates third baseman Andy LaRoche, right handed pitcher Bryan Morris, outfielder Brandon Moss, and pitcher Craig Hansen. All of them were new to the major leagues but were young, healthy, and fresh talent. From the Pirates, the Red Sox received Jason Bay who helped the Red Sox early with a three run homer in his first plate appearance with the Red Sox leading them to a 11 – 2 victory. Manny now with the Dodgers already has regrets about the trade as the Dodgers lost on the first night with Manny. I’d be careful because with Manny Arizona is in deep water only being two games back of first place.

Slugger Ken Griffey Jr. has just been traded to the White Sox giving them an offensive boost while weakening their defense. Griffey, although a good member to the team, will have no position as their outfield positions are filled and the DH (designated hitter) is already taken by Jim Thome. The Reds received Nick Masset the right hander with an arm and infielder Danny Richar.

After getting rid of Joe Torre, the manager who led them to over 5 World Series appearances in 10 years, the Yankees acquired a new catcher since Jose Molina can’t play 160 games by himself and Jorge Posada is old and useless. Unfortunately, they were forced to trade reliever Kyle Farnsworth for one of the top catchers in the game today, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.

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