Book Review "Pendragon" by Shawnie

-Bobby Pendragon is a normal kid, when he discovers he’s a traveler. A traveler is a person that is able to travel all over the universe through tunnels called flumes. He needs to stop Saint Dane (the bad guy) from destroying the territories. The series includes these books:

Book One: The Merchant of Death

Book Two: The Lost City of Faar

Book Three: The Never War

Book Four: The Reality Bug

Book Five: Black Water

Book Six: The Rivers of Zaada

Book Seven: The Quillan Games

Book Eight: The Pilgrims or Rayne

Book Nine: Raven Rise

Book Ten: coming out soon!

For the people that have read it, you know how awesome it is!!!

This in Pendragon’s official webstie: DJ MacHale :: Pendragon Adventure : Journal of an Adventure through Time and Space

I like this book because it has a very good plot about how a fourteen year old kid tries to stop a worldwide bad guy, which has powers to transform into any person he wants. So you never know who is the bad guy or good guy. People who read Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl will enjoy this book as much as I did. His characters are really cool, each character has a special talent. Hope you guys will like this book!!!!


Anonymous said...

I Love books, and these books sound amazing.-matt

Anonymous said...

I love reading Harry Potter, and Pendragon sounds interesting, especially since its main character is around our age. I think I'll check out Pendragon the next time I visit a bookshop.


Anonymous said...

I should start reading this book...


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