A New Season, a New Start

Win E.

With all eyes awaiting the Olympics in China, few have remembered that the European football season is starting up very shortly. Among them is the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga which are some the biggest and most expensive leagues in the world. With great new player additions to many teams, many of the title chases this year will be wide open. Big clubs and the smaller ones will just have to fight it out.

During the summer, clubs embarked on shopping sprees which saw many big-names switch teams. With the Olympics kicking in action this August, many skilful young players have departed big clubs to play for their countries. It will definitely spice up the competition with the big clubs missing stars. 2008-09 promises to be a great season.

Here are the starting dates of each of the leagues:

· English Premier League- 16 Aug

· Spanish La Liga- 30 Aug

· Italian Serie A- 31 Aug

· German Bundesliga- 15 Aug

· French Ligue 1- 9 Aug

Other than professional soccer, the sports in ISB are also starting. Coming up very soon is the basketball season along with the BISAC basketball teams. The actual soccer season itself is going to start in late October with NBSL and our BISAC teams. Go tryout and get involved!!!

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My favorite team is Manchester United