Advantage of Vista - Anurag

Guys have you noticed something different about computers in the Computer Lab and in the Library? Well, I have. It is the new the best and updated Windows Vista. It has the latest software which has such awesome effects which can blow your mind. The new toolbar looks so cool, has new programs and a few shortcuts. The Microsoft Office 2007 is so complicated and it looks truly bluish. It has the latest effects. The boring thing is no matter where you gaze it looks blue.

The new Windows Movie Maker is awesome looking and better than the old one. The effects are kind of changed, but most of them are same. You know, if you minimize something and get your pointer on it, it shows the small picture of that window. The cool thing is that when you minimize it, it goes to the toolbar in such a cool way that you always feel like minimizing and maximizing. But before you go try it yourself, let’s hear what some student have to say about it!

NINO: “The graphics are awesome and it looks really cool!”

VIGNESH: “Yo! It’s amazing!!!”

Windows Vista really got positive comments. The price of this excellent version of window is $59.99 only. If you want to buy the full version this is the price $300.

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