Vista Business - Vignesh

Hi and WELCOME back! Have you noticed any changes at school? Well why don’t you come and look at the MS computer lab. There is a new program that is installed-- Windows Vista Business. Interesting…. Well you should also know how to use it because the teachers in the lab are having a lot of problems! Forget about that. Vista is the latest program till now. It still looks cool having it. The problem is that it is very hard to login. Otherwise, it is just as same as Windows xp--there are the same fonts, but some new things also. I cannot even find the save button!L Forget all the bad stuff. This is Vista Business. It is not filled with Problems. There are a lot more good things than bad!J Why don’t you try it and see how cool it is. There is also the smart board device and even children can use it. Only if you have a smart board. There is also the new windows movie maker 2007. Also smart Ideas 5. To use these latest programs is very hard and very complicated. Do you want to order it now to use at home? Why not? I even have a website for you! (http://www.royaldiscount.com/miwivi.html?ysmchn=GGL&ysmcpn=Microsoft&ysmgrp=Windows+Vista&ysmtrm=buy+vista+window&ysmtac=PPC)

Click on it and choose which version you want!

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you wrote it but you wrote "Forget it" a lot of times and it breaks down the interest. Try reducing it next time.