Why parents disapprove of family guy

The kids love it the parents hate it, it’s the politically incorrect family guy.

Family guy is a show about a family that just can’t get anything right. Parents automatically dislike the show because it’s the most violent, racist, and hilarious comedy out on TV. That combination just doesn’t sit that well with the parents. Mothers especially don’t like the show. This show is more appealing to men.

The opinion of one man is that this show is almost like the Simpsons taken to another level. It probably is not suited for children that don’t have a deeper understanding of life. This show may mislead a person to believe that these characters are good role models. People that understand the concept and know that it is offensive can accept the comedy and just laugh. They understand it is ridiculous—it is satire.

In conclusion, this television show is not suited for people who aren’t mature enough or lack enough understanding. I think parents should allow their children to watch it, but monitor the viewing of this show.

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