2010 World Cup in South Africa By Steven C & Win E

2008 Beijing Olympic was a wonderful event, and now South Africa is preparing for another wonderful event in 2010. It is not Olympic, it is World Cup! It will be the first ever World Cup hosted in Africa. The project has been delayed by political problem in South Africa, but now it is slightly ahead of the schedule. FIFA president Sepp Blatter concerned about delays, rising costs, crime and lack of transportation in South Africa, so he visited South Africa. And he was very satisfied with the work going on in South Africa. The speed of construction for the stadiums has been increased and rooms have been secured for the fans by FIFA. Also, South Africa plans to increase the police to 190,000 by 2010 for the security in South Africa. As for the transportation, the government plans to spend $1.7 billion for rail and road links in venue cities.

Win E: “I’ve watched the World Cup for years and I have a feeling that this one would be one of the best. I want to go watch it there in South Africa.”

Steve C: “I think it would be cool to watch the World Cup in Africa. By the way, this is the first time hosted in Africa and it would be a bit different. ”

Benedict: “I think that the South Africa 2010 is going to be as big as the Beijing 2008. It’s that big of a deal.”

It is a greatly anticipated event for the world and the ISB soccer fans for 2010.

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