SEAYBST by Ethan, Robbie, & Tim

SEAYBST (South East Asia Youth Baseball Softball Tournament) tryouts are happening at the end of October. It’s a baseball/softball tournament in Southeast Asia that kids participate in. The countries that are involved in the tournament include the Philippines (Manila), Indonesia (Jakarta), and Australia (Perth), Singapore, Thailand. There was a team from Hong Kong last year that was invited to the tournament, but there was only a team for the majors league. For boys, the grades range from 5th grade to 12th grade. There are 3 teams for boys. For girls, the grade ranges are from 6th grade to 12th grade. There is 1 team for girls, grades 6-9 from ISB. Not everybody gets to be on the team, there are cuts. The maximum alternate players (if someone gets injured they play instead) is 6 players. The alternates usually do not go on the tournament with the rest of the team. This year the SEA teams will be going to Manila. All the transportation and hotel information will be arranged by the Bangkok team coordinator. We asked some baseball and softball athletes that went to the tournament last year what they thought about it.

Tim Abdelnoor said, “I really enjoyed the tournament because it was very social and I also enjoyed going around Singapore.”

“Last year’s tournament was so much fun! Our team had won and we had so much fun walking around Singapore. The hotel was awesome, too,” Ethan said.

We thought it would be interesting to tell you about the results from last year’s SEAYBST tournament. We will start out with softball. The only softball team for Bangkok got 4th place and lost to Singapore in the 3rd and 4th place game. The minor’s baseball team for Bangkok dominated the tournament and went undefeated. In the end the minors had won the tournament and beat Singapore. Unfortunately, the majors got last place and same with the seniors. Although, the seniors had almost beat Perth, the 1st place team, in extra innings until the Perth team had got in a run to win the game. The SEA teams will be going to Manila but if something occurs and everybody is not able to go to Manila the tournament will be held here in Bangkok. The teams will be gone for one week and will miss a week of school.

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