Alternate Dress Day- Sara

This Friday will be our second alternate dress day. The theme is going to be “favorite t-shirt day”. The idea is quite broad so what you wear should fit into the theme. If you’re not interested in any of the out of dress code days then you can always stand out in our green and white school polo’s. For those who are interested, the favorite t-shirt day is when you search through your wardrobe and find your ultimate favorite t-shirt and wear it to school. The bottoms you wear don’t really matter but look at the student hand book to see what the regulations are for the type of clothes you can wear. Same goes for the top too. The t-shirt you wear doesn’t have to be a normal t-shirt, but it can be sometime you really like to wear. Just make sure you find one that you think best fits the theme. If you don’t have a favorite t-shirt then you can also wear the clothes you usually wear out with your friends or when you go shopping. Make sure you start looking in your closest because we only have a couple more days left to look fabulous:]]

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