Alternate Dress Day by Margaret

On Friday September twenty sixth, 2008 there will be the first middle school’s alternate dress day for the year. What is the purpose for alternate dress day? Is it reasonable to exist?

First, ISB students say that they do like the ISB uniforms, but they really like the chance to show their personalities and give us options. It is based on the themes such as:

  • Crazy Hair Day
  • Black and Gold Day
  • "Twins" Day
  • Cool Hats and Shades Day
  • Come As You Will Be in 25 Years Day
  • I'd Rather Be . . . Day
  • Come in Your Own Theme Day

They say that the alternate dress days would be between every three or four weeks but to be polite and responsible people, ISB makes sure it should be appropriate and hopes that kids would participate wearing proper clothes.

The two pictures are comparing the uniform and a kid wearing normal clothes. Even though it’s up to us, let’s not wear inappropriate outfits.

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