Rechargeable Batteries- By: Pranav and Benedict

Have you ever heard of rechargeable batteries? Well I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Have you ever bought something that runs on batteries, and you never have enough batteries because they run out of power quickly? Well, rechargeable batteries last more than two times longer than normal batteries. You also don't have to keep on buying them because you can recharge them. They work out cheaper for long term use. Rechargeable batteries also are eco-friendlier because one rechargeable battery equals about 20 – 100 normal batteries depending on how much you use them. The charger also only costs about 1000 baht for a good one. Each battery costs about 20 – 50 baht which is a very good deal. Here in ISB we also have a rechargeable battery program that is run by Mr. Dyke. The program lets anyone turn in used up normal batteries and Mr. Dyke recycles them. If you have rechargeable batteries, you can come and charge it in the bookstore for free. The teachers are also given rechargeable batteries for school use. If you buy rechargeable batteries from the bookstore, you can trade the old battery for another charged battery for free. That way rechargeable batteries will be used more and as we said the batteries will turn out to be much cheaper than normal batteries so go and buy you some rechargeable batteries to empower your power supply.

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