Parent Teacher Conferences=4 day Weekend!

Parent teacher conferences are here! Which also means, 4-day weekend! Well, at least 3 days since you have conferences on either Thursday or Friday. Good thing is, it’s only 15 minutes long. You can get the day off after that. Here are some good ideas to help you have fun in the 4-day weekend.

· Go biking – if you live in Nichada, it’s easy to bike around the lake, right? If not, find a place.

· Have a sleepover marathon – ever heard of it? It’s when you have three sleepovers in a row. Sounds like fun!

· Go bowling or watch a movie with your friends – socialize! Everyone loves popcorn.

· Have a relaxed vacation to… - anywhere you like! Preferably in Thailand, since 4 days is not long enough to travel somewhere else.

· Watch T.V – grab a bowl of your favorite snack, cozy up on the couch, and turn the volume up high!

· Clean out your room – crank the music, it will get you in the mood for cleaning up!

With these ideas, I guarantee you a great 4-day weekend!

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