Panther Pops- By Oda

Don’t you feel disappointed when you have waited one month to buy a panther pop, and when you get down to the booster hut they’re all sold out, and you have to wait one more month until you can buy one again? And during that month you miss the taste of a perfect cookie, and you miss the way the chocolate chips melt in your mouth, and how you are slowly digging your way into the middle to reach the creamy caramel? Last time they sold panther pops this happened to me. I was only two minutes late for lunch, and all the panther pops were sold out. I want more panther pops, and I want them to be sold more often! And I know that some teachers have bought them for four years, and they would also love to have more panther pops at ISB. Is there anyone else here who would like ISB to sell more panther pops please leave a comment.

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