Long Weekends- by Oda Spross

Don’t you like the feeling of waking up early to go to school, but then you remember you have a long weekend and you fall back into bed, and go to sleep again? Don’t you like having three or four or five days out of school instead of two so that you can go to the beach or do something else fun instead of just staying home for two days because you don’t have time for anything else? Don’t you feel like you need some more time to rest? Well I do, and I’ve asked ten ISB students if they would like to have more long weekends nine out of nine students, and one out of one teachers at ISB said Yes. Let’s see what they said.
“I think we should have more long weekends to just relax and socialize without the worry of going to school and having to do homework.” – Raimy, 6th grade
“We need more long weekends. School can be a real problem when it comes to fatigue. So I think it is really unfair how long weekends aren’t applied so much.” – Sasha, 7th grade
“Yes, because we have five school days and only two free days, so I think we should have more long weekends.” – Shawnie, 7th grade
“Yes, because they allow us more time to have fun, and do our homework.” – Grace, 8th grade
“Yes, because children should have more time to rest.” – Margaret, 6th grade
“Yes, because we have more time to express ourselves.”-Afek, 8th grade
“Yes, because we get more time to finish our homework.” – Nino, 8th grade
“Yes, because I need a rest sometime, no because I like school.” – Lee, 6th grade
“Yes, because I get really frustrated at school sometimes, but on long weekends, I can cool off.”-Benedict, 7th grade
“Yes, I want one every week, because you will have more time to do your homework, and I can sleep, go biking, go sailing and prepare for class.” – Dr. Everett
In conclusion, most of the students, and teachers, at ISB want more long weekends. Please leave a comment, and give your opinion about long weekends.

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