Transfer from Word Document to Notebook Software - Anurag & Vignesh

Whenever you work on Microsoft Word do you feel like putting cool looking stars, smiley faces, and flowers? I will tell you how you can do that! You have to open a Notebook File on a computer/laptop. After that you go to the magical marker and click it. Afterwards, you just scribble around and then when you are finished scribbling. You just take the black pointer and you select the part where you scribbled. Then you right click or press “CTRL+C”. That will allow you to copy and then you open a Microsoft Word document. You press “CTRL+V” to paste or right click and “Paste”. It will show you the same thing as what you did in Notebook File.

Let’s put the transfer aside for a while. If you didn’t know you know you can actually put a background like “Snowflakes, Sunrays, and Rainy days”. Instead of just putting normal colors you put backgrounds, which is awesome because you can put it on an occasion. So make your essays and/or Narratives more attractive by putting slimy Magic Maker and achieve an A+.

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