Anti-Cyberbullying Wallpaper Design Competition!

“Cyberbullying isn’t cool, but a new ipod is! Help fight cyberbullying at ISB and win a new iPod shuffle!”

Design a Wallpaper (desktop image) for the MS Computer Lab computers using whatever software you prefer (MS Paint, MS Word, InDesign, PowerPoint, PhotoShop etc.). You can use images from online, however the bulk of the design should be your own work. Any images must not infringe copyright, you can tag “creative commons” when you do your online image search. The theme of your design should be centered around ISB being against cyberbullying.

One winner will receive a 1GB Apple iPod shuffle 3G (3rd Generation)
Additional selected entries will be used as the desktop wallpaper in the MS Labs for a couple of weeks.


1. Competition ends Monday, October 6th

2. Your Wallpaper must be 1280x1024 pixels in JPG format. Need help, then you can see Khun Eed or Khun Apple in the MS Computer Labs.

3. All entries should be dropped in the StuShare>MS>CyberSafety Wallpaper folder, no later than the evening of Monday, October 6th. This will give the judges time to compile all entries and award the winners during the next day’s Synergy.

4. Save your design as your student number eg.2054333.jpg You can enter as many times as you like, if you submit a second entry ad and an ‘a’ on the end eg. 2054333a.jpg. Subsequent entries should have b, c, d etc.

5. Criteria used to judge the work includes artistic design, visual effect and clear message. The winner will be judged by individual faculty members - their decision is final.

6. Any questions should be directed to Mr Bates in person or e-mail (

8. The winner will be announced during Synergy on Tuesday, October 6th.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing the designs.

Chad Bates

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