GOALS by Ethan

I am sure that we all have goals that we are working hard at pursuing. For those who don’t have goals they will probably have goals later on in their lives. We should all work hard towards our goals so we can attempt and fulfill them. WE all have different goals than other people have but we should always pursue them. WE can have more than one goal that fits into different categories such as social goals, personal goals, and educational goals.

ISB is very supportive of students reaching for their goals and helping the individual students take progressing steps towards their personal goals. In middle school, our humanities, math/science, and elective teachers teach us the basics of what may soon be our future careers. Our learning from our humanities teachers may have us thinking about later being a historian, author, or maybe even and editor. Our learning from our math/science teachers may have us pondering on a career such as a scientist or maybe even a mathematician. An elective such as art may bring about the idea of being an artist later on.

We may have social goals such as getting a group of friends that have an international background and different cultures. This gives us a more vast friendship around the world where we can rely on our friends anywhere at any time.

Goals are a good way to motivate ourselves. We should always stick to one goal but at the same time it is possible to have many goals at once. A good way to start pursuing a goal is to master the basics and then move forward. For soccer, you could probably learn first how to play soccer and then move forward to skills. Here is a really helpful saying for those who are pursuing goals.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.” By Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher.

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